Saving Babies by taking care of their moms.

We intercept women online searching for an abortion and then support them so they don't feel that abortion is their only choice.

Philomena House Maternity Home

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15

Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

The night was dark and tense in the city of St. Paul.  Sarah, whose real name has been concealed for her privacy, found herself in a harrowing and terrifying situation. Chased by someone with a knife in a brutal gang-related pursuit, Sarah found solace and safety at the local police station.

However, Sarah's challenges extended beyond that harrowing night. She was also carrying the weight of an unplanned pregnancy, a circumstance that brought with it a host of difficult decisions and uncertainties. This marked the beginning of Sarah’s journey, illuminated by the beacon of hope known as Philomena House. 

The Philomena House's unique approach, reaching out to women considering abortion through innovative methods and technology, showcases a powerful way to save babies from abortion. Our mission is to ensure that no one ever feels that abortion is her only choice.

At the Philomena House, Sarah received compassion and understanding and also practical assistance that included shelter, food, parenting classes, life coaching, resiliency training, and spiritual support tailored to her current needs. The Philomena House served as a crucial stepping stone on her journey to a brighter future.

Today, Sarah and her son are thriving under the loving support of her grandmother, a testament to the transformative power of compassion and assistance. Her story serves as a poignant reminder that we can save babies from abortion by taking care of their mothers.

Through the gift of your time, treasure and talent, the Philomena House can make a profound impact on inviting women into our home and allowing them to experience a culture of life.

Sarah's story underscores the importance of saving babies from abortion by taking care of their moms. Your contribution will help ensure we are there for the next Sarah needing compassion, understanding and practical help while facing a crisis pregnancy. 

Saving Babies from Abortion Program

Under the umbrella of Philomena House, we have a strong marketing program to intercept women searching online for an abortion.

Online Presence: Maintain a strong online presence through a website and social media platforms to reach women who are searching for information about abortion.

You can't say, "We are pro-life, call us if you are looking for an abortion." But the first thing we share is our history of over 20 years of helping women in crisis pregnancies. "We are here to help you and abortion is just the worst. Tell me what's going on?" Not fancy words, but where 2 or more are gathered, there is Jesus Christ. So our social media outreach is all factually true, like sharing the percentage of pregnancies that end in miscarriage. Sad fact, its always so exciting when a baby is growing in its mother's womb, but it helps women slow down and find out more information about the viability of their pregnancy.

We are like the Navy Seals of the Pro-life movement.

We help women choose life

explore the possibility of marriage

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