Saving Babies ~ Upholding Marriage

Benefit Banquet, Thursday October 27, 2022

Keynote Speaker: Brian Gibson, Grand Banquet Hall, Stillwater, MN 6PM Social Hour, 7PM Dinner

Our 3 Tier Program

Program 1

We intercept women online searching for the abortion pill. When they call, we provide abortion pill information and find out what we can do so that they don't feel abortion is their only choice

Program 2

When women decide to get off the abortion pathway, we step into their lives like sisters. We offer help with housing, employment, financial assistance, transportation, parenting education, and other assistance as needed.

Program 3

When women turn away from abortion, they must turn towards something. We provide education on marriage to women when they are no longer in crisis.

We help women choose life

explore the possibility of marriage

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