Saving Babies ~ Upholding Marriage

We help women choose life and, when no longer in crisis, consider the possibility of marriage

We are a Catholic pro-life apostolate offering hope and support to women in the Twin Cities who are in crisis and likely searching online for abortions. We help these women choose life and then explore the possibility of marriage.
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Program 1 – Abortion Advice

A Google search on “abortion” inevitably brings up the website of Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers. We have expanded the pro-life outreach on the internet with our website, which is called Abortion Advice. We have aggressively optimized this site, and it now shows up alongside Planned Parenthood. Young women who find our website call us with questions about abortion. We become a source of confidence for them when they discover our vast experience in helping women in situations like theirs. For example, “I have 15 years of experience helping women facing crisis pregnancies. You really should start with a free ultrasound to make sure you have a viable pregnancy. I can set this up for you. What day are you available?” Sometimes the conversation goes in a different direction, and we simply ask, “What would it take for you not to go through with this abortion?” One client said she needed help with housing. We paid her deposit and first month’s rent. This client carried her baby to term. Because someone gave to her in her need, she turned away from abortion.

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Program 2 – Mentoring

We currently provide one-on-one mentoring tailored to a client’s individual needs. Clients are mentored during their pregnancy and this mentoring involves exploring the adoption option. We describe ourselves as sister entering their lives to offer support. Such support may include, but is not limited to: • Providing medical facts about pregnancy and abortion • Referrals and transport to free pregnancy clinics, public service agencies, and professional counselors • Rental assistance • Car payments • Money for food • Gift cards • Christian-based marriage preparation education • Car donations • Car repairs • Cub gift cards • Cribs, baby clothes and other baby items

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Program 3 – Marriage Material

Discerning marriage is the third tier in our program. Once a woman’s crises are resolved − and if she feels called − we will assist her in exploring the possibility of marriage. From the beginning, the mentoring relationship includes frank discussions about the nature of the relationship a woman has with the man in her life. A time of crisis, however, is not an optimal time for a woman to be discerning marriage. She must be free to choose and have the maturity and capacity to understand what the commitment of marriage is all about. Our Marriage Material program helps women navigate this process as they would delicately navigate a narrow ridge, falling off neither to the right nor to the left. This process often begins with professional counseling. “Marriage Material” is an odd and catchy name and elicits a positive response from our clients. It takes the focus off the negativity of their situation and directs their thoughts to the possibilities in their future, making them happier to persevere as we work together through their issues. One of our first clients, who was baptized and was getting her son baptized, would like our help in exploring the possibility of marriage after she graduates.

We help women choose life

explore the possibility of marriage

Saint John Paul II wrote about Sunday as “a day of joy, rest, and solidarity.” A great way to show solidarity is to reach out to those in need. We have begun a Sunday Meal Program as a way to show support to our active clients, which includes pregnant and new moms.