Dear Abortion Advice from Worried in Minnesota

Dear Abortion Advice:
Do you know how long it takes to have an abortion?

Dear Wondering:
Here is the answer I retrieved on 1.20.18 from

The actual abortion procedure takes only 5-10 minutes for first trimester procedures, and 15-20 minutes for second trimester procedures, depending on gestation.

However, the abortion appointment will last 3-5 hours and will include paperwork, blood draw, laboratory tests on blood and urine, ultrasound examination, counseling about options, birth control, what to expect during and after the abortion, understanding the medications as well as the abortion procedure and giving informed consent, answering all your questions, taking medications or receiving injections, a pelvic examination followed by the medical procedure, and recovery. For second trimester D&E’s, appointments will be made on 2 or 3 consecutive days. After the procedure there is in-clinic recovery time of 20-30 minutes for first trimester procedures and about an hour for second trimester procedures. Women who opt for sedation will have a longer in-clinic recovery period the day of their procedure.