Dear Abortion Advice

Dear Abortion Advice:

Stressed 19-year-old Mom

I’m a single mom of three girls and am pregnant again. I’m considering an abortion because I’m not sure if the father is the baby dad of my other children. I’m desperate to get an ultrasound to help me determine who the dad is. 

Dear Stressed 19-year-old Mom,

You’re correct that ultrasounds are used gather important basic information to assist you in your decision-making, such as determining if the pregnancy is viable and identifying the gestational age of your baby. This will help you determine paternity. 

It sounds like this was an unplanned pregnancy and I’d encourage you to obtain an ultrasound at a local pregnancy resource center where they will assist you in a nonjudgmental environment.  We’d be happy to help you set up an ultrasound if you call us at 651-373-1205

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