January 7, 2020

Prayer Requests & Client Updates

AlCalled looking for abortion because she was living with the father of the baby and his mother. Helped her get into a shelter Had her baby and now has a 3 bedroom apartment. Is very happy.
SlCalled looking for an abortion because of problems with father of the baby. Had abortion scheduled but left the appointment6.6.23 Just spoke to Irene today. She is doing great. Previous:
3.26.21 Have plans to meet for mass on Sunday Irene came to St. Mike’s for mass with her kids. So sweet! took her son to lunch last week. All is well.
M1-31 Pregnant, kicked out of Mom’s and living with boyfriend’s mom. Not going well. Connected her to Philomena House and sent a grocery certificate. 6.6.23 Finally passed her driver’s test. Working in a daycare now.
Took her for her Driver’s test but didn’t pass. She will be getting more lessons that is paid for by her school. 3.1.21 Moved in with her Dad. Domestic violence issues with father of baby. 2-4 things have settled down plans on staying put. Started a job at Chipotle
Serenity4-yr old, 1-yr old, stillborn. Father in and out of jail for domestics 6.6.23 Is in the process of moving from St. Cloud to Minneapolis.

Everything is fine. Still looking for new apartment. We will pay deposti for her. Serenity had an abortion scheduled but changed her mind. Offered to pay deposit for new apartment. Need to follow up. Denise will try calling and see if she is able to connect. Serentiy did not connect to Sandy sending emails. gave ride to St. Cloud, replaced TV. She just texted me yesterday. SH texted her-no repsonse. SH texted her-no response. SH texted her-no response. Helping her track down her mom and build up support to eventually separate from the abusive father. spoke while in Arizona. trying to move to a new apartment Denise talked with her. . She had a protective order against the father which he violated it twice by showing up and banging on her door. He has a warrant out for his arrest. She wants to move so he doesnt know where. I sent her info for Harrirt Tubman. I’ll call her back next week.
Faith1.25.21 Called looking for an abortion because father of the baby left. Has 12-year-old. was working in construction but can’t now being 15-weeks pregnant.6.6.23 Faith finally has her own subsidized apartment with her daughter!
We met Faith for lunch. Is asking us to help with rent but must wait until county assistance helps. Just got a car from brother in law! Faith said she got a job starting Tuesday and is looking for paid rides to and from work. Told her we can help with return trip. Also advised her to seek county emergency assistance. Faith said she got a job starting Tuesday and is looking for paid rides to and from work. Told her we can help with return trip. Also advised her to seek county emergency assistance Txt Faith. Lab tests detect abnormalities w/pregnancy so will have more tests.1.28.21 tt Faith on the phone. Sent her gift cards for groceries and Lyft. She has been out of work for 9 months. Her father passed away in September. Was in school full-time last semester. She said she has been depressed and went to see her Dr. yesterday and was prescribed anti-depressants. She is 17 weeks pregnant, has no car, has a 12-yr old son in school. She said there were lots of busineeses walking distance from her apartment that maybe she could apply to. She will owe $2700 in rent Feb. 1st.1.26.21 Emailed her the DEED website and told her that we could get her assistance after she got a job.1.25.21 She had a death in the family and has been out of state and is 2 months behind on rent. She couldn’t qualify for unemployment or county emergency assistance since she hasn’t been working. Next step?
SFirst called us looking for an abortion because she has a 6 month old baby alreadyDidn’t stay in touch with us. Not sure if she stayed pregnant.
March 25, 2021 We gave her list of goals to choose from 1.getting finances in order 2.improving community resource skills3. being prayerful and present. gave s Robbinsdale contact information to call for sonogram and find out what they offer.
ZSet up for appt at Abria. She texted back to talk on August Found out she is having a girl. very excited.12.7.20 Called and got caught up. Wants a link to her section of the video. zekiawashington at gmail Doing some work for her mom with mortgages. Flew on a plane to visit her sister in law 11.19.20 follow up call needed. 9.10.20 8.20.20 Sandy & I are brainstorming. Aug 12 Sandy sent crisis nursery information. Asked her to sign up for unemployment. she answered while driving. Not sure what date unemployment goes back to and needs our help getting insurance
JaneVery abortion minded. Not working, has a 10 year old and 3 year old. Boyfriend wants her to get abortion.1.21.21 Meeting on Monday to walk together
TheresaWas crying when we spoke about abortion. Is usually against abortion but doesn’t want to be with father of the baby.1.21.21 No follow up possible because I can’t find her phone number. Ugh.
NataliaMother is pressuring her to get an abortion. Natalia is 20 and boyfriend is 18. Neither have jobs.1.21.21 Paid to get their iphones working again. Helping them find jobs. Natalia has an ultrasound scheduled for next week
Uptown ClientWilling to get an ultrasound. If she is too far along she will stay pregnant.1.21.21 sent text to see if she has ultrasound set up.
Lu LuCall taken by volunteer. LuLu was crying because she was feeling depressed. Didn’t want to stay married. Volunteer’s family prayed rosary for her.1.21.21 She said she is doing much better now. Hope to do a Zoom meeting soon because she doesn’t want to meet up yet. 12.8.20 Spoke to our volunteer counselor. Now meeting with marriage counselor. Sent link to Retrouvie for marriage. 17 weeks, has a 3 year old. Very depressed. Giving marriage one last try.

November 28 updates on clients (some details changed for privacy)

AnnSent a text to see if she made it back to her moms Met on Wednesday and looking at adoption. Heading up North to stay with Mom.
NanFather on baby in Africia and skipped meeting with me.
Susanhas 3 kids and question about what happends during abortion.
DianeCalled because she is pregnant and debating abortion. Needs housing. Pregnant with 3rd child. Is all alone, FOB moved.
Not answering.
RitaCalled WA County for housing and then called Philomena House. 42 and now living at the peace house. Got her own apartment and texted yesterday with picture of her baby.
ZSomalian, Had a translator and at that time didn’t want to stay pregnant.
AnnePregnant with 4th. Husband just moved to Las Vegas with his fam. She’s in school to be an accountant. Got abortion and now the husband moved back. Very upset he didn’t move back while she was still pregnant.
ZSet up for appt at Abria. She texted back to talk. Got together and went to lunch. Ended up with miscarriage.
Sue4-yr old, 1-yr old, stillborn. Father in and out of jail for domestics. Drove her up north to her moms.
TheresaCalled asking for the abortion pill. Hung up on me when I said we wanted to help her so that abortion wasn’t her only choice.
Diane3-yr old, not with father of baby, previous abortion
JaneHad baby last year and is afraid the babies are too close in age.

Prayer Request: For mother looking to help her 17 year old daughter get an abortion. Also for Sherry who regrets her last 2 abortions that she may respond to God’s grace and stay pregnant.

Prayer Request: For “Clare” who has a 9 and 10 year old. She was super abortion minded but we always have hope in praying for a miraculous changing of heart for her.

Prayer Request: A woman called looking to abort Baby #5 because the father of the baby was so horrible during her pregnancy with Baby #4.

Prayer Request: A teacher called and was very upset that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t give her the body of her baby after the abortion. Hopefully she is upset enough to not show up for the appointment. What a world.

Prayer Request: “Ann” does not know who the father is due to a one night stand. She was willing to go to Abria for an ultrasound though.

Prayer Request: Prayer’s for “O” who recently miscarried. She was considering abortion but was devestated when the ultrasound showed that she had indeed miscarried the week before. I was so glad to be with her to give her a big hug and console her over this loss.

Prayer Request: Please pray that our churches open up for mass soon and that things go well with the Archbishop’s meeting this afternoon.

Prayer Request: For a client that took the abortion pill on Saturday. I spoke to her Saturday afternoon and her boyfriend left her right after she took the pills.

Prayer Request: For “Ann” that was looking for an abortion on Saturday but backed away from the abortion cliff.

For “Amy” who also called on Saturday, pregnant with baby #5. That our other client who gave birth to baby #5 will be able to support her as Amy tries to get off the abortion pathway.

Prayer Request: Lydia called looking for help for her daughter to get an abortion. We pray that her daughter will call to let us help her stay pregnant. For Lydia to have a change of heart about helping her daughter get an abortion.

Prayer of Thanksgiving: Thank you God for helping get “Vicky” excited about being pregnant. Thank you for the gift of ultrasound. Please bring her healing from a previous abortion.

Prayer Request: That my children become great saints.

Prayer Request: That our client shows up for her ultrasound appointment today.

Prayer Request: For God’s hand to wipe Covid19 off the face of the earth.

Prayer Request: For all home schooling moms.

Prayer Spreadsheet before 2019 banquet

TiaHas a 6 year old but very abortion minded. Only the parents of her boyfriend are excited about the pregnancy. Was willing to meet up.9.30.19Tia is going to parent her child.Major problems with the father of the baby.7.30.19 Got Tia connected with our volunteer lawyer. Tia was worried the boyfriend might stop adoption and get custody of her baby after it was born. Is considering moving out with relatives in Nevada. 7.9.19 Nancy brought a meal to Tia and she reviewed a family profile for adoption. 6.17.19 She returned Nancy’s call and said she had an abortion scheduled for 6.18. By the grace of God, she is no going to go and is going to let Nancy schedule a meet up with an adoption agency instead. Thank you God! 6.6.19 Meeting tomorrow for lunch.
SharleeAsked about setting up an abortion appointment.Has a 1 year old daughter and is couch surfing.Was staying in her car but that got towed and she has no money to get it out.Just got a job and now has county help for daycare.She agreed to meet up, so appreciative to find someone willing to help her.9.30.19Picked up Sharlee and took her out for luper. That is Joe’s word when you are eating and it isn’t quite lunch or super.So we had luper and a wonderful conversation.She said she is worried what it will do to her daughter if she has another baby and is still struggling with being homeless.I said, “First, we are going to fix your homeless situation. Secondly, this little sister is the best thing that will ever happen to your daughter.And she is already here, growing inside of you.It’s not like we are having this discussion 4 months ago, before she was conceived.”I don’t know if it is a boy or girl but I always pick one. We are working on getting her a place to live and she is hopefully never going to turn towards abortion again.
AlexisHas a son who will be turning two.Sleeping in her car but can go into her mom’s apartment during the day.She was about to hang up and I said, “Last winter we got a client a car after she turned off the abortion pathway and totalled her car.We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk with women.We should meet up.”She agreed.9.30.19Offered her to interview about living at Peach House but her boyfriend doesn’t like that idea.We are meeting for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Triana19 yers old and has only known boyfriend 1 month.We had a very good chat.He was pushing for an abortion.I explained that most relationships end after an abortion.Plus she is the one that will have the life long consequences.She was very sweet and said she would call back.9.30.19No response to call but sent another text message.
No NameWoman calling looking for an abortion for a relative.Explained how we step into women’s lives like sisters.She said she would pass on our phone number.9.30.19No follow up.
NicaHer boyfriend called looking for an abortion while his girlfriend was in the bathroom.Very sad.He hung up on me.9.30.19No follow up possible
MarianneLooking for an abortion at 6 months.We had a very long discussion.I told her no way could she get an abortion this late.(Which is true in Minnesota)Spoke about adoption.Is having problems with father of the baby.9.30.19 Off the abortion pathway for now.
KaleeShe has a 5 year old and a 1 year old. We spoke for a long time and she was very torn about getting an abortion.She said she just can’t see how they could afford to have another baby.She has been unable to work from morning sickness.Then I heard her husband in the background yelling at her to hang up.Very sad.9.30.19 No follow up possible
LateshaCalled asking about abortion. Has 2 small kids. Said she couldn’t stay pregnant because she has bedbug problems.9.30.19 Latesha moved in with a friend.No longer dealing with bed bugs.7.29.19 Brought over coins for laundry, bins for the freshly clean clothes and garbage bags. No longer considering abortion.
Jocelene20 weeks along. Father of the baby wants her to get an abortion. They have one child together already. She will willing to meet up 1/ Jocelyn had her baby pre-maturely but both mother and baby are doing well. Let us hold Jocelene, the father of this baby and the volunteers from marriage material up in our prayers. Jocelyn met up for dinner, now on the pathway to letting her cousin adopt instead of abortion.
9.30.19 Irene is back to work now.We have been helping with her rent since she gave birth in July.Also Cradle of Hope contributed.All is going well.7.30.19 Irene gave birth to a baby boy a few days ago. He is premature but weights 6 pounds, 6 ounces. Working hard to get her set up with emergency assistance. Don’t know how she is going to pay rent for August. 6.6.19 We are working on getting Irene’s sister here from Liberia. Her sister will take care of her baby when he is born in August 3.29.19 With everyone praying for Irene, she has finally experienced something going in the right direction. The landlord said she could stay and do a month to month lease since she was unable to secure a different apartment in the school district where her sons attend school. Hurray! She sent a text saying, “God is great!!” Next Thursday we are going to have a gender reveal party after getting an ultrasound to find out if she is having a baby boy or girl. 2.5.19 Abortion appt was scheduled, she went but did not get an abortion. We are helping get her sister here for a visit from Nigeria. Committed to staying pregnant. 1/7/19 Irene had an ultrasound 1/5 and is 10 weeks along. Nancy and a volunteer will meet Wednesday for dinner. She has a 14 year old and 6 yr old. Off the pathway of abortion for now. Praise be to God. Let’s pray for the meeting to go well on Wednesday and Irene to feel the support of our prayers and ministry. Holy spirit help her to see this new life as a positive reality.
NatalieHad previous abortion.Was willing to go in to Options for Women East.9.30.19 Hung up on me.Doesn’t look good.
CandyCandy called and said she had an ultrasound last week and is 8 weeks pregnant. While we were talking, someone came into the room and she had to hang up.9.30.19 Helped Candy with part of her rent last month.Got a job processing medical equipment.Almost was evicted. 7.30.19 Candy met up with Nancy and a volunteer. She is doing great. They were able to help her find a job at a daycare and get financial assistance for her rent from the Archdiocese. 6.5.19 Candy agreed to meet up. She is nervous about telling her parents. Volunteer is now helping her find a job. Still thinking about abortion but feels that it would be wrong.
KatrinaA college student looking for information on abortion. Father of the baby in high school.9.30.19 Had her baby and is doing great. Katrina is not considering abortion. She met with Nancy and her mother was present. Katrina promised to call her mother if ever tempted to get an abortion. Volunteers have been calling Katrina and forming a mentoring relationship with her. The mentors have similar stories like marrying their high school sweetheart or getting pregnant in college and marrying the father of the baby. In sharing their stories Katrina can hopefully see that life can work out well in her circumstance. As of 2/5 she was still pregnant, feeling tired but relationship with her boyfriend going well. We have spiritually adopted this baby and mother. Pray that she continues to stay pregnant, has a safe delivery and healthy baby. We pray for the holy family to be an example and intercede for Katrina, her boyfriend and their baby. Baby due date is Aug 10th.
9.30.19 Had her baby and all is going well.6.6.19Set to meet up with Katrina next week. She is going to have her baby in August and then go to St. Paul College for her Sophmore year.3.29.19We will meet with Katrina again when she gets back from college at the end of this semester. Everything is going well for her.2/5/19Enjoying school. Still tired, relationship with boyfriend going well. Still pregnant.1.7.19Katrina is not considering abortion. She met with Nancy and her mother was present. Katrina promised to call her
SandraSandra called 7.8 from Hudson, WI.Thinks she might be 5 months pregnant.Nancy is trying to get her in with Dr Druffner.9.30.19 Got her new insurance.Seeing Dr. Druffner for pre-natal care at Options.Her job is being very supportive.7.30.19 Has her application in for health insurance.Will be meeting up to figure out other next steps for her since the baby is due in 3 months.7.24.19 Sandra felt the baby move last night and cancelled her abortion appointment for today. She would have been aborting at 23 weeks.Praise be to GOD!7.15.19 Prayers needed for Nancy and Sandra.Nancy is calling her back as she is now considering abortion again at 21 weeks.7.9.19 She got in for an ultrasound at Options in Stillwater.She is 20 weeks.On the fence about getting an abortion.
No NameLooking for an abortion pill for his wife.I explained what we do and that we try and support women.He said no thank you and hung up.9.3.19 No follow up possible
Young WomanCalled me a b**ch and hung up on me.Oh my.9.24.19No follow up possible
KarenCalled about abortion.Was very much on the fence and easily turned away from abortion.Sent link for ultrasound at Women’s Source.9.23.19Off the abortion pathway for now.Said thank you for opening up her eyes.
EmPregnant but using drugs.Resisted an abortion at 17 and is now 32.Going through divorce and a custody battle.I said this pregnancy might really help you get your life back on track.She said she was thinking the same thing.Talked about adoption and she said she would think about things and get back to us.9.23.19No repsonse to calls or texts.
Tamara21 years old and got in a fight with her boyfriend.They were excited about the pregnancy.Was willing to go in for an ultrasound.I suggested bring her boyfriend along.9.20.19Sent a link to Women’s Source but havent’ heard back from Tamara.Just sent another text.
MiaCalled crying because she felt like she had morning sickness.Her last period was very light.Sent in to get a pregnancy test at Options for Women St. Croix Valley9.11.19Sent a text saying that she wasn’t pregnant.
LindaCalled asking if we make abortion appointments.I explained we help women so they don’t feel abortion is her only choice.She is 19 and her mom died in a car accident last year.She was annoyed because her boyfriend was pressuring her to get an abortion.She hasn’t had a job for 3 months.Agreed to meet up.9.1.19Seemed so much more upbeat about her pregnancy.Decided she was going to try and get a job in daycare.Off the abortion pathway for now.
KieshaCalled from Iowa, looking to get an abortion in the Twin Cities.Has a 4 year old and is 2 months pregnant.Father of the baby beats her up.She described what her life is like and I asked, “And getting an abortion changes what part of that?”It was like a little light bulb went off and she said that an abortion wouldn’t change any of her problems.9.09.19She was willing to let us help her.But when she didn’t respond to my text messages, I called and the father of the baby must have been there.She said she would have to call me back.Just sent her another text.
MotherMom looking for an abortion for her 20 year old daughter.I told her the help we provide so that her daughter doesn’t have to feel that abortion is her only choice.The mom said, “No, I mean that is great work, but not what we are looking for.”9.07.19 Hope in prayer.
JosephineHas a 7 year old and thought the pregnancy test looked positive with a faint line.She is 36 years old. She had a doctor’s appointment scheduled and said she would call me after.9.04.19 Ended up not pregnant
KayHas had a previous abortion.No longer with the father of the baby.Was willing to go to Abria for ultrasound8.20.19 Didn’t respond to calls or texts.
CarolCarol called 7.15, is 6 weeks pregnant and feeling super sick. She has 3 kids, children with Jesus and previous abortions. She did not want our help. Nancy sent her a text so she could find us again if she changes her mind.7.3019 Left a voice message for her today.
MakaylaMade an appointment for an abortion. But willing to meet Nancy for lunch 1/ to Makayle the other day. She had a healthy baby boy in the middle of July. All is going well. 6.19.19 no response to text messages.5.14.19having a boy, calling him Noah and he is due July 10, but is having contractions and his head has dropped. Sending out prayer request.3.29.19Makayla is no longer considering abortion and is living with her mom and things are going well with the father of her baby.2/5/19Staying pregnant. Living with her mom now, things going better with father of the baby1/7/19Met Nancy for lunch. Volunteer spoke to her about adoption. May need help with housing. Off the abortion pathway for now. She is vulnerable as her boyfriend became violent. Let’s pray for the safety of Makayla and her baby.
CameronCameron called 6.17. She is 15 years old and very, very sad. But God bless her she agreed to tell her parents and then work with us to make a plan for moving forward.7.30.19 Weren’t able to meet up with her but hopefully she told her parents she was pregnant.
DillonDillon, 19 years old, called 6.23 asking if this was Planned Parenthood. Nancy said no and explained how we support women so they don’t get abortions. Dillon started crying and said his Dad got hit by a truck 4 months ago while riding his bike and died. Then his grandmother dies 2 months ago. Nancy and Dillon talked about his girldfriend who is pregnant and living with her parents. He said, “I just moved into a studio apartment and am trying really heard to hurry up and grow up.”7.30.19 We reached out to Dillon several times but got no response. Someone suggested his view of growing up was not taking care of all this himself, without our help. We are all praying for him and his girlfriend.
FaithFaith called after a positive pregnancy test at the doctor. Worried about what her boyfriend will say. She is living with her father and she is also worried about HIS reaction. Has a 5 year old girl. Agreed to meet up 7.20 at Applebees.7.30.19 We met for lunch. She is thinking of signing up for the Jeremiah Program that helps single women finish college. Thank God she is not considering abortion anymore.
NajeeNajee called 6.13. She has 7 kids. One child is 2 months old. Fatjher of the baby just left and moved to California. He wasn’t paying their electric bill and she will be without electricity tomorrow.7.30.19 We helped her get her electricty back on. She is no longer considering abortion. She is back at work and her oldest daughter is home from college helping with the kids. Looking for assistance for back to school clothes for her kids. She said, “I am just taking one day at a time.”‘
ChouChou called 7.1. Father of the baby will be in prison in Ohio for 8 years. She decided she couldn’t do this. By the grace of God, she is willing to let us help her here. Nancy told her all she knows about prisons and she was so much happier when they hung up. She planned to take her and her six year old out to dinner next week.7.30.19 Volunteer and I met up with Chou and her son at Chuckee Cheese. She is unfortunately back determined to get an abortion. Sent her a text today to check in on her again.
NatalieHas two children. Husband is addicted to meth. She is the only one paying their $1,400 mortgage.7.30.19 The first conversation sounded hopeful, that she might figure out a way to stay pregnant. But she didn’t respond to follow up calls.
JuneJune called 6.7 She had slept on the streets the previous night. Said she would think about letting us help her. Has had previous aboritions. Her mom takes care of her 6 year old and her son only lived one month.7.30.19 Spoke with June again but she sounded pretty determined to get an abortion. It was sad. She described herself as very weak.
SumayFound out at a doctor’s appointment that she was pregnant. Called to talk about abortion. Got her set up for an appointment at a crisis pregnancy center near her.7.30.19 She lives up north and is now receiving help from the crisis pregnancy center near her. No longer considering abortion. 6.6.19 She went to her appointment and is more positive about being able to stay pregnant.
KebaHas 2 kids, 3 and 16 months. Father of the baby lives in North Carolina. Willing to go for ultrasound.7.30.19 She is doing well. Lunch date on calendar for next week. 6.5.19 Met her at ultrasound. Found out she is 6 weeks. As we walked to our cars she said, “Thank you for meeting me here. I feel like God sent me an angel and I am not going to get an abortion.”
CoriCori has 7 kids but the Department of Human Services has a case opened on her and she might lose custody of her kids. She feels like staying pregnant will make that situation worse. Doesn’t want to meet up.7.30.19 Sent her a follow-up text but she didn’t respond.
LorpuCalled asking about abortion. Agreed to go in for an ultrasound. Was able to get her in to Abria.7.30.19 No responses after ultrasound. 6.6.19 Left a message to see how the ultrasound went.
RoseanneRoseanne found out she was pregnant when she went in for emergency gall bladder surgery. Has 3 kids and her 15 year old son said no way she could have a baby right now. Nancy told her what a beautiful example for him to see her rally and embrace this child. Nancy said “you don’t want him to grow up with an abortion of one of his siblings on his shoulders”. She was willing to meet up with Nancy for dinner.7.30.19 No response
AngelaAngela called and she is 17 heading to college next year. Spoke about adoption but she was pretty abortion minded.7.30.19 No follow up possible.
LacyLacy called 7.2 and said her and her boyfriend are in no position to have a baby. Didn’t want our help, but said we could pray for her.7.30.19 No follow up possible.
No NameCalled 7.2. When Nancy called her back she said she had called the wrong number. She was looking for an abortion. Nancy offered her help as an alternative and she said, “will you raise the baby?” Nancy responded, “yes”. She said “Okay, now we have something to talk about.”. She asked where I lived and if she had done foster care before. And then the call dropped. When Nancy called her back she said it wsn’t a drop call and “Please do not call her again”.7.30.19 No follow up possible.
BethanyNancy met Bethany 6.16 at 3:30pm. She was 22 weeks pregnant.7.30.19 No follow up possible but pretty sure Bethany stayed pregnant.
IrvaIrva called 6.29. She has 2 kids and her new boyfriend is not happy she is pregnant. She has had an abortion in the past and does not want our help.7.30.19 No follow up possible
RachelRachel called 6.26. She is one month pregnant. Doesn’t want our help but we can still pray for her.7.30.19 No follow up possible
No NameShe called looking for her third abortion. Father of the baby doesn’t want her to stay pregnant because he is worried about paying child support.7.30.19 No follow up possible
No NameCalled 6.21 for an abortion for his wife.7.30.19 No follow up possible
SineraSinera’s Sister called 6.13 and said her sister was 16 and pregnant. Both the mom and sister knew about the pregnancy and they want Sinera to get an abortion. But letting her choose. Nancy shared the problems Sinera is going to face in the future if she goes down the abortion pathway.7.30.19 Nancy spoke again a few times with the sister. The pregnant sister actually lives in Atlanta. No follow up possible at this time.
MelissaMelissa, 19 years old called 6.27. She said she was willing to meet up with Nancy tomorrow.7.30.19 Nancy left a voice mail but Melissa has not responded. 6.27.19 When Nancy text her the location for their meeting she responded that she was confused about her schedule and couldn’t meet up.
PaPa has a 6 month old daughter and lives with her mom.7.30.19 Last time we spoke, she seemed likely to stay pregnant. Her phone is not working anymore. 6.6.19 We have been talking for a few weeks now and plan on meeting up next week. Seems to be off the abortion pathway. Father of the baby is happy she is pregnant but they aren’t getting along that well.
KateraHer mom called looking for an abortion for her daughter. Mom shared her own regret with past abortion.7.30.19 Katera had her baby a few weeks ago. Is living with her mom. She called us from the hospital after the baby was born to send pictures of her little girl Kyra. So sweet! 6.6.19 Helping Katera get a car. She is planning on moving back to Chicago. 2.27.19 Katera called and is willing to work with us and is off the abortion pathway. 2.1.19 Encouraged the mom to have her daughter call us for help. Suggested to the mom that she consider adopting her daughter’s child so she wouldn’t get an abortion. Needs help getting a car. Lives in Madison
JocelynJocelyn called looking for an abortion. Has a 1 year old. Homeless for last 2 years.7.30.19 Jocelyn and her baby are doing fine, living at her mom’s place. 6.6.19 She had her baby early at 32 weeks. Baby is still in hospital but doing well. 3.29.19 Jocelyn is no longer considering adoption. She is still struggling to find housing. Looking for a job while she lives with her mother. Boyfriend getting out of jail soon. 2.5.19 Jocelyn met up for dinner, now on the pathway to letting her cousin adopt instead of abortion.
Nyisha19 year old with three children. Went to emergency room 3/15 and found out she was pregnant. She is going to call back.7.1.19 A volunteer and Nancy met up with Nyisha and her boyfriend. She was having terrible pain that was keeping her up at night. Turned out to be a cyst. She is doing better now. Staying pregnant. 3/21 she agreed to meet up.
No Name49 year old calling saying that she had symptoms of being pregnant. Sent her information to go in for a pregnancy test.6.6.19She said the test was positive. Not sure if she is going to get an abortion or not. I told her it was such a miracle to get pregnant and 49 and that baby was going to be something special.
SheriCalled from Blaine. Wasn’t interested in our help.6.6.19Praying for her.
FataFata called crying. Just finished her freshman year of school and had a positive pregnancy test. Boyfriend said he is not ready.6.6.19 Called her back but she hung up on me.
AnnaHer youngest is 7 years old and she gets super sick during pregnancy. I told her things have changed over 7 years and there is medicine she can take to help her. (Usually they don’t like to use this medicine but if the mom is considering abortion, doctors will offer this as a better alternative than death for the baby). Husband is happy about baby and I told her she should be filled with gratitude to be married to someone like that. She wouldn’t meet up but I sent a follow up text today to see how she is feeling.6.6.19 Called her back but no response.
ShannonWhen she initially called, she had to hang up because someone came into the room. Prayers were answered when she called back! After a conversation with Nancy, she is off the abortion pathway.6.1.19, Shannon isn’t responding to our calls anymore. 3/2 she is on her way to the emergency room to get fluids. She has had previous abortions and works in a group home. Nancy told her we would get the holy angels to surround her and will pay for her Uber ride to the hospital. A volunteer met with her at the hospital and provided a coke slushy at her request. We paid for an anti-nausea medication she was prescribed at the hospital. As of 3/3 she told volunteer she wants to stay pregnant. Holy Lord, thank you for surrounding Shannon with your holy angels. Thank you for guiding the medical professionals and volunters as they worked with Shannon. May she continue to be held up during the journey of pregnancy.
GigiGigi’s friend called. He is going to pass our phone number on to have her call us. Gigi is 6 weeks pregnant and has an abortion scheduled but is conflicted.6.1.19 Thanked us for setting up ultrasound but no response after.
MeieshaCalled looking for an abortion. Her boyfriend left her because of cocaine addiction. 10 weeks pregnant, has an 11 year old.6.1.19 Texted back on Mother’s Day.No news otherwise. 5.2.19 We helped her with rent but she stopped answering our calls after that. 3.27.19 Miesha got let go from her job. We’ve been helping her snag a new one. Told her parents she was pregnant! After multiple attempts to follow up she told Nancy, “How can I have this baby when I have no food in my fridge.” Nancy took Miesha grocery shopping. Nancy thinks there is a 50/50 chance she will stay pregnant. She text Nancy on 1/24 really on the fence. Nancy was hoping to take her to lunch. Nancy has continued to stay in touch, offering her help finding a new job, offering help with rides during cold spell, offering help with rent… as of 2/5 no longer considering abortion. Praise be to God for this ministry! Praise be to the holy spirit for converting her heart. Let’s continue to pray for Meisha, her baby and continued success of our ministry.
ShaleneCalled asking when the last day she could get an abortion. Said she has been homelesss the entire pregnancy. Told her about opening at Philomena House. She sounded so much more hopeful when we were hanging up.6.1.19 Shalene has found a place to stay. Don’t think she is considering abortion anymore.
LateeshaLateesha has a blood clotting issue and wanted information on getting the abortion pill. Nancy warned her that the pill could be really bad for her with blood clotting issues.6.1.19 Phone is disconnected. 5.1.19 Nancy is working on getting her into AAFLA Family clinic and hopes to resolve her health insurance issues.
HaileyShe is 18 years old and about 20 weeks pregnant. Her sister called 4/12 and wanted to get an abortion set up for Hailey when she came into town last week from Georgia. Tried to offer ultrasound instead of abortion but Hailey’s sister hung up.6.1.19 No response to follow up calls.
No name 3Called looking for an abortion. She asked if this was an abortion clinic and when Nancy said no she hung up.6.1.19 No response to follow up call.
MakaylaBoyfriend of Makayla called from Hudson. He said Makala is only 20 and not ready. I told him we could help her. I told him women say after an abortion that they don’t feel like the same person they were before the abortion. I said that is such a high price to pay. Women are not made to have babies taken out of them like this. He said he already has 2 kids and can’t afford a 3rd.6.1.19 No follow up possible
ZamzamZamzam is looking for an abortion because she is in school and single mothers are frowned upon in her culture. Praying to St. Zita today on her feast day to change Zamzam’s heart.6.1.19 No follow up possible
KatrinaKatrina called 4/1. She sufferes from same sex attraction and was sexually assulted at the beginning of December. She has irregular periods and the pregnency test she took was negative. Nancy told her to go to her clinic for a blood test because some women never show up positive and she has not had a period since the attack.6.1.19 Her blood test at the clinic was negative and so she found out she was not pregnant. She was very happy.
MelanieShe is communicating with us through the abortion advice Facebook page.6.1.19 Did not keep in touch with us. 3.1.19 Let us offer prayers of support for Melanie. Let’s also offer prayer support for Nancy and this ministry as they use all modes of communication including social media to reach women in crisis pregnancies.
VernaVerna called 4/19 trying to abort baby number 6. She isn’t married anymore. Nancy told her we could surround her with support like sisters. She said she has sisters and support but doesn’t want 6 kids. Nancy said she already was the mother of 6. She said no, she didn’t want 6. With love, trying to wake her up, Nancy suggested she kill baby number 2 and keep this one. She said no, she wants the abortion pill.5.8.19 Nancy had a long talk with her again the next day but still abortion determined.
DeniseShe gets a Depo shot and felt pregnant but the tests were negative. Suggested she see her doctor for a blood test.5.25.19 Denise said the test turned out positive and she is pregnant. Said she got to see the baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound and that was awesome. Still on the abortion pathway though.
CalissaShe thinks she is pregnant with baby number 5. She and the father of the baby decided if she is pregnant then they would get an abortion. Agreed to go to a pregnancy center for a free pregnancy test. Sent her a link to Abria Northside.5.20.19 No response
CharlotteSeeking an abortion appointment. Not willing to meet up. Charlotte called back again by mistake. This time she shared how sad she was that her boyfriend doesn’t want her to stay pregnant. The boyfriend was right there with her on speaker phone. When we finished, Nancy sent him a text trying to encourage him to support her.5.20.19 No follow up possible.
KimmieKimmie called. She had an ultrasound but the baby was found outside the womb. Nancy told her to go see her doctor.5.1.19 No response after.
RavenRaven called 4/17 looking for an abortion. She has a 1 year old girl. She had a previous abortion. She hung up on Nancy.4.25.19 No follow up possible.
AshleyAshley called 2/2. She has severe depression and has a baby already. Abortion scheduled but called to see if she could get one sooner. She has been responding to text messages and a phone call over the weekend. She called back today and her abortion is scheduled for Thursday but agreed to meet for lunch on Wednesday.4.15.19 Volunteer and Nancy went to visit her at her apartment. Helped clean up. Spoke to her a few weeks later about the title of the car. Said she was moving to Texas. 2.28.19 Later that afternoon a bus totaled her car. We ended up buying her a new car. Our volunteer took $1,000 off the price and we paid the remaining $2,000. When we went to her apartment to help her clean, she said she that no one has ever been this nice to her in her whole life. She is off the abortion pathway. 2.5.19 Had a great conversation on Monday before her phone died. Texted her asking for a meet up on Wednesday for lunch but never got a response.
KatlynKatlyn has a 5 year old son. Her mom died last year and her dad has Emphysema. She is going for an ultrasound at Abria.4.1.19 She went to Abria and is off the abortion pathway. Called medical clinic yesterday to get her going on prenatal care.
MartaMarried 7 years but is not open to having any children.4.1.19 No follow up possible 3.1.19Lord, you know the circumstances of this couples decision to not have children. We pray this unexpected gift be a realization to them of the holiness of marriage and intimacy. Let this couple embrace this life as a fruit of their love for one another. In Jesus name we pray!
Boyfriend/JaydenBoyfriend called looking for an abortion. His girlfriend is named Jayden and has 3 kids, not working.4.1.19 Did not respond to follow up calls. 2.26.19 Nancy spoke to Jayden. She was open to our help. 2.25.19 Jayden’s boyfriend called back to give Nancy Jayden’s number. He wants us to help her stay pregnant. Praise be to God for his change of heart. Nancy reached out to Jayden and after your prayers she called back. She had an abortion scheduled the days she called. Holy family, intercede for Jayden and her boyfriend. May the veil of fear be lifted so Jayden and her boyfriend can see Your plan for this child. May their three current children embrace this new life in their family and encourage their parents to choose life!!
TaylorMother of a son and daughter looking to abort her 3rd baby. She is 21 and is going to think about meeting up.3.8.19 no follow up possible, praying to the holy angels.
EdenShe is an student and so is her boyfriend.3.8.19 no follow up possible
SarahShe is from Guyana and pregnant with her 3rd child. She has a 10 & 8 year old and doesn’t want any more. For conversion of heart and support for her so she can be open to this new life.3.29.19 Staying pregnant and does not need our help. She is married with 2 kids and has a house, etc. 1/7/19 We prayed on the feast of the holy innocents. Nancy sent her multiple texts and emails without response. She indicated she needed time to think about what she is going to do. Seemed on the fence as she is working seven days a week and very overwhelmed. Today Nancy talked with her and she is going to stay pregnant. Praise be to God! The holy innocents have interceded for her! This is a miracle! Let us praise God and thank the holy innocents for their intercession. Let us pray for gifts of the holy spirit to be manifested in Sarah’s life.
KimaraCalled looking for an abortion. Sge was excited to be pregnant but when she told her boyfriend, he left her. She is 20 years old.3.27.19 Praying for her.
EstaShe says she is not ready to have a baby. She is 26. Boyfriend doesn’t want her to stay pregnant.3.27.19 no follow up possible
ValleyA woman in crisis, has a 6 year old. She is 41 years old.3.27.19 Hopeful that she is going to continue on with pregnancy. Not interested in working with us.
DiamondMom pursuing abortion for her daughter. She has had multiple abortions herself. Daughter is 15 years old, and was 25 weeks pregnant. Abortionist in Colorado performed 2 day abortion procedure.3.15.19 Went to Colorado and had an abortion. 2.1.19 Met with Nancy but continued to pursue the path of abortion. Went to Colorado as the abortion could not be performed in Minnesota this far along. Interestingly, Mom has left the doorway open for future communication with Nancy. Mom responds to texts, says her daughter is physically ok. Nancy plans to follow up with her and send information on abortion healing. This door is still open for the holy spirit to work thought this ministry. We pray for the holy spirit to guide Nancy in her outreach to this mother.
CatherineCalled 3/23. SShe was desparate to get an ultrasound to help her figure out which guy is the father. She sounded young and full of anxiety.3.14.19 Catherine thanked us for getting her into the ultrasound. No response to follow up calls. 4.1.19 Iit was saturday and typically very hard to find an opening for an ultrasound. Prayers were answered as an opening was found at Abria. Not only was iit open on a Saturday but they were training a new tech so had an opening for Catherine. Miracle!
JenniferMother of a pregnant 16 year old, called to talk about options. Sounds like daughter wants to parent3.1.19 No response to follow up calls. 2.4.19 Jennifer is staying pregnant. Lord, help this mother to let go of her aspirations for her daughter and embrace this new grandchild. May you spark in her heart the special love that a grandparent has for a grandchild. May the guardian angels for Jennifer, her daugher and this baby work together to keep them safe and give them hope.
HusbandHusband called looking for an abortion for his wife. Told him to encourage his wife to stay pregnant. Always hope in the power of prayer.3.1.19 Creator of all life, we pray for this couple to reconsider. May the holy spirit comfort them and give them hope. May they choose to embrace this journey together and all God’s blessings.
DestinyDestiny called looking for an abortion. Plans on going into the Air Force this summer, living with her parents and boyfriend just started back to college. Totally committed to abortion right now. Willing to get ultrasound first though.2/5/19 Destiny went in for ultrasound. Turned out not be pregnant. 2.1.19 Totally committed to getting an abortion right now. She is willing to get an ultrasound first though so Nancy texted a link to a crisis pregnancy center near her. Nancy called the center to give them a heads up that Destiny was going to call. Now we pray! Let us send our guardian angels to be with Destiny, her boyfriend and their baby as we pray
Leah19 years old (Roe vs Wade Anniversary) She has an abortion appointment 2 weeks out and asked could we help her get an abortion sooner.2.5.19 We were able to get her an ultrasound appointment. She went in for an ultrasound but is now not answering our calls or texts since. Holy spirit, connect the ministry with her and open doors so her fears can be overcome.
15 year old15 year old girl who is being forced by her mom and step dad to pursue an abortion.2.5.19 Still moving forward with her pregnancy, working 7 days a week in factory job.
AkiraAkira called looking for an abortion. Soon to be 21, just moved back here from Chicago. Father of the baby already has 4 kids and is not supportive of her staying pregnant. Doesn’t want our help.2.26.19 Nancy called back the next day and Akira said she has already made up her mind to get an abortion. Lord, forgive them. For they know not what they do! They are blinded by a culture of death and see abortion as the solution to this pregnancy. If they do go forward with the abortion please plant help in their life that can inspire healing.
NetreseNetrese that I spoke with on Thursday has a seizure disorder but there is hope for her to stay pregnant.2.25.19 Netrese called and was still wanting to get an abortion. Since then has not answered calls or responded to text messages.
AlbinaAlbina left a message and I have called and texted her a few times but no response.2.1.19 We will know in heaven.
KathleenShe is being forced by her boyfriend to get an abortion. Conversion of heart for her and her boyfriend.2.1.19 She answered Nancy’s call a couple of times but not interested in talking. Let’s continue to pray for the holy spirit to work in her life.Nancy will try one more time.
ConstanceAlready a mom. Was planning to parent this baby but got in a fight with the father of the baby. Looking for an abortion and doesn’t want to meet up. Spoke for 5 – 10 minutes though and at the end told her we would pray to have the Holy Angels surround her. She said thank you. Previously had 1 abortion.2.1.19 Sent her a text and told her to reach out if she changes her mind. Nancy reached out to her later and she hung up on her. No further contact. We will find out in heaven.
No Name 2No name called. Her kids are in high school and she hung up on Nancy.2.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.
MiaMia called yesterday morning. College student, here from another country. Doesn’t want our help.2.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.
Stephanie/JulieStephanie called for her friend Julie. They both work together at a daycare. Julie is pregnant, age 34 and is in a new relationship. Feels its too early to have a baby.2.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.
JeanAlready has 2 kids. Father of the baby not excited about her being pregnant. Not willing to meet up.2.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.
MarieCalled 1/12. Not willing to meet up.2.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.
Father of baby/VitaConversion of heart for the mother and father of this baby. Let’s surround this baby with love through the holy spirit.2.1.19 No follow up possible in this case. Not interested in our help. We don’t always know the impact of our prayers. Let us offer this couple up and put this in God’s hands.
Older ManConversation was a mess.10.3.19Praying for him.
MarguriteShe has 4 children and youngest is 7 months. Marguerite is married, new house and a great husband.1.2.19 We will find out in heaven.
No Namea person called looking for an abortion for her 17 year old sister1.1.19 No follow up possible. We will know in heaven.