May 7, 2020

Pray with us for an end to abortion

Hello, This is Nancy Kiolbasa, the founder of Marriage Material here in Minnesota. I am delighted that you have arrived at this webpage.

Marriage Material is a pro-life Catholic apostolate based in Minnesota that helps pregnant women in crisis. We offer hope and support to women in the Twin Cities who are searching online for abortions. We save babies from abortion and then assist the mothers to explore the possibility of marriage or adoption.

We are also a prayer apostolate that prays for an end to abortion.

Will you join us in prayer?

One of our ministries – along with helping women in crisis – is to pray for an end to abortion and that women choose life.

Therefore, I must ask you: Will you join us in prayer?

Or maybe you want us to pray for you, someone you know, a woman in crisis, a special intention that you have?

To join us, simply click the link below and fill out the form. Once submitted, we will receive a notification, and you will be connected with our Pro-Life apostolate and hundreds of Catholics like you.

We’d be delighted to have you join us in prayer or even pray for your intention. Each month, we have a Mass said for the prayer intentions by the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum. They are ordered to promoting devotion to the holy angels. We also organize through the internet a group of wonderful Catholics who commit themselves to pray the rosary, novenas, and other devotions.

God bless,


Nancy Kiolbasa

Director/Founder of Marriage Material

Stillwater, MN

P.S. Fr. Matthew Hincks, a priest from Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, recorded a very inspiring talk about how abortion will be defeated by Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Holy Angels. The audio recording is called Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Angels and Abortion. Let me know if you would like me to order you a copy.