January 22, 2021

Sunday Meal Program

By Sandy Howlett

Saint John Paul II wrote about Sunday as “a day of joy, rest, and solidarity.” A great way to show solidarity is to reach out to those in need.  We have begun a Sunday Meal Program as a way to show support to our active clients, which includes pregnant and new moms.

You can sign up to deliver a meal on the CareCalendar.  There is also an option to purchase a DoorDash, Grub Hub or Uber Eats gift card.  Since we have multiple clients, contact Nancy for the delivery address.  She can be reached at (651) 373-1205.

CareCalender link: https://www.carecalendar.org/logon/295760. The security code is 6618.

Our Sunday Meal Program also creates an opportunity for parents to teach their children about building a culture of life.