March 25, 2020

Prayer Program

Novena of Gratitude

In Preparation for our Virtual Banquet October 29, we are praying a Novena of Gratitude below. For a handy one page pdf, <<click here>>.

Marriage Material Novena of Gratitude

Start October 21 and finish on the day of our virtual banquet, October 29!

Thank you for joining in prayer. May you see the fruits in your own life and be assured of the fruits in the work of Marriage Material –

Day 1 – Gracious God, thank you for the opportunity to serve pregnant women considering abortion. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)(St Juan Diego, Pray for us.)

Day 2 – Gracious God, thank you for the babies, each a generous gift and blessing. Given with all the graces necessary for this life into the next. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) (St. Pope John Paul II, Pray for us.)

Day 3 – Gracious God, thank you for the women served by this apostolate. May they experience continuous conversion of heart. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) (St. John of Capistrano, Pray for us.)

Day 4 – Gracious God, thank you for all fathers, biological, adopted and spiritual. May they be empowered as great stewards of life. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) (Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anthony Mary Claret, Pray for us.)

Day 5 – Gracious God, thank you for volunteers and all those who support this apostolate. We offer them up with their intentions. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

Day 6 – Gracious God, thank you for all families. May they embrace children as a gift from God and live out their mission. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

Day 7 – Gracious God, thank you for our leaders, that they will experience true conversion to support life at all ages and stages. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

Day 8 – Gracious God, thank you for the donors of Marriage Material – apostolate. May our outreach endure and grow according to God’s purpose. (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) (Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Pray for us.)

Day 9 – Gracious God, thank you for all prayer warriors, in touch with God’s abundant Mercy, especially you! (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be) (To our patrons Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint John the Baptist, Pray for us).

May God bless you abundantly!

“I am doubly blessed,” she said.

Good afternoon-
An update on our client that was expecting twins.  If you recall, she said after the ultrasound, “I am doubly blessed.”  We spoke early this week and she shared the grief about her miscarriage.  “My body couldn’t hold on to them.”  Prayers needed to heal her heart.

On a more positive note, a new client, “Terry” got off the abortion pathway this morning.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the conversation begins with tears, transitions into anger and ends with laughter. Your prayers make this possible! 

This is “Terry’s” first pregnancy and she is 30 years old. 
“There is no way I am going to be able to have this baby,” she said.  I knew there was hope when she said the word baby.

We had a long conversation. I said, “Your 30 years old. You could totally do this!” I asked if she was ever happy about being pregnant. Terry said, “Yes, but I am so sick of fighting and he told me to get an abortion.” I said, “It is a crazy world where a couple gets into a fight and the next thing you know, the baby gets aborted.”

“Your baby is going to part of an exclusive group of Corona Kids,” I said. And you will be one of the rockstar moms that managed to stay pregnant during a pandemic.” She laughed outloud.

Terry is going into Abria for an ultrasound and we are going to schedule lunch together next week. Hurray! Thank you God.

God bless, Nancy

Celebrating the Birth of Corona Kids!

July 24, 2020

“Your baby is going to part of an exclusive group of Corona Kids,” I said.  “Susan” quietly giggled. 

“Susan” is one of six women that got off the abortion pathway during the Fourth of July week.  

She was scheduled for an ultrasound at Abria later that week, but Susan texted me wondering if she could get an ultrasound that day in the emergency room.  I said, “No.  They are going to have no reason to give you an ultrasound.”

Later that day, I got a text that she was able to get the ultrasound because her back hurt, and she had gained a ton of weight.  The ultrasound showed she is having twins!

In response, I shared my excitement and sent her this picture:

Susan said, “I am being doubly blessed.”

Tomorrow we are going to take her to DMV for her driver’s test. Fingers crossed that she passes the test and gets her driver’s license.

We couldn’t do this work without your prayers and support. Thank you.

God bless, Nancy

Imago Dei ~ Stories of Hope

July 6, 2020 – Feast Day – St. Maria Goretti

My dear friend in Christ,

We have the opportunity to walk beside two women and their babies in prayer.  Both wrestling with the temptation of abortion.  

Our first sister-in-Christ is a teacher.  She initially called, upset that the abortion provider she was scheduled to see the next day was not going to let her bring her fetus home after the abortion.  With a little bit of information from Nancy she opened up as to why she was considering an abortion in the first place.  She had been drinking during the pregnancy and was concerned about the baby.  After further conversation she hung up the phone and we prayed.  A week later Nancy followed up with her over the phone and she was still pregnant and going to be having a girl!  Praise be to God!

Another single mother who is Hmong called recently.  She has two children and is now pregnant with her third.  She is struggling with the thought of “doing this alone”.  After further conversation she was open to meeting with Nancy.  She has found hope in connecting with a Catholic church with a significant Hmong community. We will have the opportunity to continue walking with her.

While praying for these women and preparing this email I was inspired to open our beautiful Catechism of the Catholic Church.  I was reminded of a few words spoken by Sister Maria Ivana, O.P. at our last Marriage Material banquet.  “Imago Dei”, the image of God as translated in English.

The divine image is present in every man… Endowed with “a spiritual and immortal” soul… The human person participates in the light and power of the divine Spirit.  By his reason, he is capable of understanding the order of things established by the Creator.  By free will he is capable of directing himself toward true good.  (CCC 1702-4)

The divine image of God is present in each person.  Beautifully and wonderfully created by God.  By gazing upon the image of God within each person, we can look past the circumstances.  With empathy and by the grace of God, we too can ‘participate in the light and power of the Holy Spirit’ to give hope.  What a gift!

This passage also reminded me that these women are totally capable of understanding and directing themselves toward the truth.  We are given the opportunity, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to walk beside them.  To share the truth, provide hope, a new perspective and support them on this journey of motherhood.  We get to experience the image of God, as present in another.  To serve our Lord as present in another.

Let us lift these women and others struggling with abortion to the throne of our loving and merciful Father in heaven.

Eternal Father,  
Wonderful Creator,
Merciful God,
We look to you in total confidence – Our creator and lover of our souls.  
We bring you all women struggling with abortion and post-abortion syndrome.  
Clothe them with your love and mercy.  
Enliven their hearts and minds with your Spirit.  
Inspire them to behold this life as a gift.  
Guide them toward your light, truth and goodness.
Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be in your presence, to serve you, and know you as our loving creator.


Thank God for the intervention of Marriage Material and  Praise be to God for His work in leading all of us, volunteers and prayer warriors.  

In Christ,

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material –

June 25, 2020

Last week a new client was sharing about how much she regreted her two previous abortions.  “Sherry” said she talks to Jesus all the time.  She said she is very close to Him.  I was so glad to hear her say this!

Sherry has 4 children and started sharing her sorrow for the 2 previous abortions she had.  “But I can’t possibly have a baby right now,” she said.  Since we’d been talking for over 10 minutes and felt bonded over our mutual love for Jesus, I felt safe to share some advice I received from Fr. Grabner.

“Sherry, repentance always involves asking for forgiveness and having a desire to turn away from sin,” I said.  “You can’t be very sorry for your 2 abortions if you are willing to go and do it again.”

“I get what you’re saying.” Thank you God that she had ears to hear. I will let you know how things turn out.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support to make this work possible.

God bless, Nancy

P.S. This is what St. John Paul II wrote about this topic:

No repentance without purpose of amendment

It is also self-evident that the accusation of sins must include the serious intention not to commit them again in the future. If this disposition of soul is lacking, there really is no repentance: this is in fact a question of moral evil as such, and so not taking a stance opposed to a possible moral evil would mean not detesting evil, not repenting. But as this must stem above all from sorrow for having offended God, so the intention of not sinning must be based on divine grace, which the Lord never fails to give anyone who does what he can to act honestly.

Come Holy Spirit

My Dear Friends in Christ,

Prayers for deliverance, peace and hope have marked these last few weeks.  First, with the pandemic and now in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a strange feeling of consolation.  I checked the news briefly and then put down my phone to pray.  Something was different; but I could not put my finger on it.  I praised God for the peace He had given.  I held up the many public servants who continued to risk their lives in service to others.  I imagined the gifts of the Holy Spirit flowing down from heaven upon each person.  Touching each of them with the fire of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and counsel.  I extended my thoughts and prayers to the many pregnant women calling Marriage Material recently who are overcome with fear. A sense of warmth filled my heart as I saw the Holy Spirit wrapping them in God’s Love.

Let’s join together in prayer for an end to the violence in our communities.  Hold up the many heroes who risk their lives in service to others each day. Pray for the souls who have lost their lives. Ask God to wipe the Corona virus off the face of the earth.  And surround all the women that have called Marriage Material seeking an abortion with our love.

Holy Spirit, drive out the fear 
that has sunk its dagger so deep into our hearts.
Surround those most vulnerable with your love and light.

Fill us with your peace and consolation.
Most Holy Spirit, great consoler and giver of gifts, 
as God is love, You are love poured out onto the world.  

Come down upon us, that we may experience your power and
bow in humility at your grandeur.

With you in prayer,

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material –
(Posted June 1, 2020)

Prayer Changes Everything

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Prayer changes everything.  During this unprecedented time I find myself resorting to rote prayers that bring comfort and peace.  It releases me from our earthly context into the truth and beauty of my relationship with God.

In these times of uncertainty and isolation we can praise God for His continued work through Marriage Material and  Based online, we continue to get calls from individuals considering abortion.  We continue to meet women where they are at to provide support.  God continues to convert hearts through this ministry! (Picture of her precious newborn at end of this entry.)

A woman we have been working with had her baby and has been discharged to a homeless shelter.  She is sharing a room with another mother who has two toddlers.  I cannot imagine!  We will continue to work with her to find housing. 

Now let us embrace our spiritual nature; connecting body, mind and soul in prayer.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
For all women who are enduring challenging circumstances to either stay pregnant or support a newborn –
    Jesus, I entrust them to you.
For fathers who are struggling to provide and considering abortion or abandonment – 
 Jesus, I entrust them to you.
For all those who are homeless and pregnant – 
 Jesus, I entrust them to you.
For mothers who are victims of rape and considering abortion –
  Jesus, I entrust them to you.
For all those struggling with fears and loss related to COVID-19 – 
 Jesus, I entrust them to you.
Father God, you are so faithful.  No reality escapes you.  No circumstance to big.  Thank you for being so close to us and to our brothers and sisters.In Jesus name,

Prayer changes everything!

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material –

Precious baby – prayer changes everything!

Update on “Sherry”

As you recall, our client “Sherry” was struggling being homeless and having a young infant when she called us 8 months ago. She delivered a healthy baby girl last week and here’s the latest picture.

Someone donated this beautiful pink blanket and Sherry is so happy to have received it!

Sherry just signed a new lease and will hopefully be able to move into her new apartment soon. “I am just putting everything in Gods hands. I don’t want to get too stressed out.” We will all rejoice when she is no longer sleeping on her mom’s couch with her newborn and 10-month old daughter.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Sherry has received love and support over these past months and we couldn’t do this work without you! Thank you. My heart is so full of gratitude. One last time… THANK YOU!

March 19

Good afternoon:

We are busy taking care of our pregnant clients and celebrating a baby being born yesterday.  I will attach her picture.  The mom, “Sherry,” was struggling with being homeless and having a young infant.  The two babies are just 10 months apart.  We are so thankful she was able to stay pregnant.  

We are listed with the new Coronavirus 2020 program started by United Way as a resource to help get food to pregnant women.  We’ve been ordering from Instacart and having the food delivered directly to our clients.

Click here to donate to help get food directly to pregnant women in need.

Yesterday we received a call to help a  young pregnant woman sleeping in her car by the library.  Last night she slept safely in a hotel and our next step is to get her reunited with her mom in California. Thank you for making this work possible. 

The first picture of Sherry’s newborn!

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As members of the mystical body of Christ, we carry the burdens of each other out of love.  Lately, we have received calls from women who, for various reasons, have not been interested in our help.  For example, a young mom found our website after searching online for an abortion.

“I have to get an abortion,” she said.  “We step into women’s lives like a sister and offer support so you don’t have to feel like abortion is your only choice,” Nancy replied.

“I am addicted to heroin and my mom will kick me and my two kids out if she finds out I am pregnant.”  She then hung up and moved on with her search for an abortion appointment.

As discouraging as this sounds and feels, I am reminded of our call.  It is to pray.  Conversion is “above our pay grade”.  It is the work of God and the Holy Spirit.  So let us do our part and pray for the following individuals and all those struggling with a crisis pregnancy.

·  A mother of 2 teenagers couldn’t imagine having another baby.  She had a previous abortion.

·  Friend called.  Trying to get information so her friend could abort baby number 4.  Asked if we knew good counseling for her friend after she gets the abortion.  When challenged to support the mother during pregnancy and to help her friend avoid suffering, not plan how to cope after the suffering, she got upset and hung up.

·  Mother just broke up with the father of the baby, has two other kids and was not even going to tell the father of the baby she is pregnant.

·  Eighteen years old, 10 weeks pregnant, called looking for an abortion.  When asked if her parents know about the pregnancy, she said, “I am living with my Dad, but he is no help.  He is a crack addict.”  She didn’t want to meet up.

Father God, Creator of all life,

We bring to you in prayer all people struggling with the gift of new life.
In the form of a pregnancy, a conversion of heart or the opportunity to help another in crisis.

Give them courage to be open to the possibilities new life brings.  
Give them the grace to trust in a plan greater than their own.  
Stir from complacency and judgment all those around them.  
May their family and friends support this new life.  With a word, an act of charity or a listening ear.

Now we engage all the powers of Heaven in this battle against human life. 
Lord Jesus Christ, we ask for Your direction and intercession.  
May your angels protect, guard and guide.  
May the Saints intercede out of Love.  
May the church militant bow our heads and get on our knees in thanksgiving for the gift already given.  
May Love and Mercy triumph!

In the name of Jesus.

For more information on the mystical body of Christ from The Most Reverend Venerable Fulton Sheen, CLICK HERE.

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material –

January Miracles Part II

My Dearest Prayer Warriors,

Praised be Jesus! Your prayer offerings, invoking the name of “Jesus” and the graces that abound around the anniversary of Roe v Wade have had miraculous outcomes!

These January miracles continue to unfold, and I ask for your continued prayers. We are working with a mother of 6, who works overnights in fast food and is choosing to stay pregnant. A 17 year old on her third pregnancy is choosing to stay pregnant. These women each called Marriage Material looking for an abortion. Let us pray for their continued conversion and that they be blessed in their decision to stay pregnant!

Before we conclude with a prayer I wanted to share a fruit of the document highlighting the power of the name “Jesus”. One prayer warrior wrote “Jesus” on a piece of paper and put it under her pillow. She also shared the document with each of her adult children. For another look at the document and the three promises CLICK HERE. I hope the document was inspiring for all of you as well. I know as I have prayed the name “Jesus” over the past few weeks I have experienced a sense of peace and hope. I think to myself, “He has got this!” The Holy Spirit is giving me the gift of understanding. The revelation I’ve received is that Jesus is bigger than this and in any situation we find ourselves in need.

Thank you Jesus for letting us partake in this process of conversion.
Thank you for giving us the grace to walk beside these women and their families.
Thank you for the gift of these women who have chosen to cooperate with your grace.
Thank you for the gift of new life you have sent into the world.

With you in prayer,

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material

Bear in mind that each time we say, “Jesus,” devoutly:

  1. we give God great glory,
  2. we receive great graces for ourselves,
  3. and we help the souls in Purgatory.

January Opportunities for Prayer

Story continued from Nancy’s e-mail.

Good morning-
Today is the anniversary of Roe v Wade, a day for prayers & sacrifices to make reparation for all our sins committed against life. I’m including a story shared on social media by a young husband. His wife went into premature labor. She caught a virus and that caused the baby to be born alive at 20 weeks.

He said:
They (the contractions) didn’t stop. We were afraid at one point both Nicole and the baby would die. Nicole yelled in the middle of a contraction she wanted the baby to be named Cecilia Joan. It seemed like a million years ago at that point but, Nicole and I had tentatively decided Joan as a middle name a few days before. Nicole had also suggested Cecilia as a name and we decided we would pray about it. The midwife turned and looked at me and said: are you okay with that name? I remember laughing and saying: I can’t argue with that.

Then Nicole yelled at me to pray the rosary, out loud. I froze, realizing I had left my rosary at home. Our midwife said she wasn’t the best catholic but led us in the Hail Mary. That gave me time to get out my rosary app on my phone and start praying the prayers. It was a Tuesday and the sorrowful mysteries about Christ’s suffering were the day’s prayers. I chose the joyful mysteries about Jesus’ birth instead. I kept praying, holding Nicole and comforting her. Nicole was, somehow, explaining our faith to the nurses in the delivery room. She was explaining why we believe life starts at conception and why Cecilia would be a Saint in heaven.

Cecilia was born right about halfway through the 4th joyful mystery about Christ’s presentation in the temple. In hindsight, It’s amazing this would be the decade Cecilia entered the world: Simeon predicted how a sword would pierce Mary’s heart at the death of Jesus. We were living through it in our own way.

At 7:53 pm, Cecilia was born. One of the most important details in this story is that she was born ALIVE. Cecilia was not a miscarriage. Unfortunately, at 20 weeks, her body was too underdeveloped to be sustained even with the aid of medicine. It’s a sad part of this story that if this infection had happened only a few weeks later, Cecilia could have survived. We were told most babies lived about 20-30 minutes in this condition. Nicole told me to take pictures as we took turns holding our baby.

Just looking at her laying on Nicole’s chest, I was amazed. I couldn’t believe all the details I could see at 20 weeks. I could see eyelashes, fingernails, her tiny hands and toes, her rib cage, a little tongue. We decided she had my lips and ears while having Nicole’s nose. Nicole did “hugamuga” to Cecilia, where we rub noses together.

It got to be my turn to hold her and I took her from Nicole. I could feel her heart beating. I could feel her little body moving in my hands. I could feel her struggling the breath. I kissed her and, sobbing, told her how much I loved her. In the middle of all of this, I remember wondering where God was in all of this. In that instant as I held my dying child, I could feel God’s presence around me. It’s as if He was saying: I have not abandoned you in this moment. I am here suffering with you. Nicole would later tell me she had the same feeling, especially as she had driven to the hospital.

I could feel Cecilia starting to move less and her body was starting to get cold. I wanted Nicole to hold her when she died. I passed her back to Nicole and right then our pastor arrived. I vaguely remembered one of the nurses had asked if there was anyone the hospital could call and I told them we were parishioners at St Peter’s in Libertytown. They should call Fr Chuck. Fr Chuck baptized Cecilia moments before she died. Nicole asked for her midwife to be present and all of us prayed the Litany of the Saints, Psalm 23 and the Our Father.

After Fr Chuck and our midwife left, Nicole’s nurse started to sob and turned to us and said she felt like God had been telling her on her drive into work that evening that He needed her to pray for someone who would lose their child that night. She gave us a giant hug and told us she would keep praying for us.

We got settled into a recovery room and Nicole spiked a fever. It would take the hospital three days and several rounds of antibiotics to get her infection under control. Nicole’s doctor confirmed it was an infection that caused everything. While it’s wonderful to have some kind of answer, it’s a horrible realization that there was nothing wrong with Cecilia. Without the infection, she would have continued to develop and grow into a healthy baby.”

A little extra suffering on this day to read such a long story, but I thought it was inspiring. Though I started crying when I saw this picture at the end.

Big sister started crying saying she was sad because she would never be able to change her diaper.

That big sister has a very big heart. The USCCB requests today to be a day of prayer for the legal protection of the unborn, asking us to honor:

…this day through the penitential practices of prayer, fasting and/or giving alms. USCCB

For me, I am fasting by not eating my blueberry scone with my coffee this morning. Notice I didn’t give up coffee! I am suffering by standing out in cold at the State Capital and praying for an end to abortion, but it really isn’t that cold out today. And then the added suffering of having to ask for money on behalf of the unborn…but really, what an honor to beg on behalf of those who have no voice!

Click here to donate!

God bless, Nancy

Cont. of Jennifer’s e-mail

January is Respect Life month. So many prayers, efforts and miracles historically are offered and lived.

Let’s lift “Diane” up in prayer. Volunteers from Marriage Material are meeting with her today in hopes of working out a housing plan for her. She has a 2 year old, 1 year old and a baby on the way. She is currently living with her mother who has asked them to move out. Let us pray.

Praise you Lord Jesus; You are our Champion and Shield.
Your presence is more real and more profound than anything here on earth.
Make yourself known to Diane. Send your Holy Spirit to open a door for her and the volunteers working with her.
Praise you Lord Jesus; You are all that we need.

January is a month of hope and prayer. At Marriage Material we can praise God for three more women getting off the abortion pathway.

Here are a few other local opportunities to pray for the legal protection of unborn children this month, commemorating January 22nd as the day of prayer for the legal protection of the unborn. In Stillwater on Sunday, Jan. 19 attend a Holy Hour for Life at St. Mary’s: Rosary at 2:30, 3-4 Holy Hour, 4-on soup/salad supper to join in prayer and support. On Wednesday, Jan. 22 in St. Paul, an ecumenical Prayer Service for Life (10:30 a.m.) will be held at the Cathedral of St Paul followed by a procession to the State Capitol, for the MCCL March for Life and program, starting at noon. Read more about these opportunities at

I am so grateful to be in prayer with all of you! Praise be to God!

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material

The Miracles of January

by Nancy Kiolbasa

We had 3 people get off the abortion pathway last week. Praying that they don’t change their minds. This wonderful week made me remember that last January was really a great month. With all the people praying around the Anniversary of Roe V Wade, grace seems to be in an abundance. For the first time, a client called us after her friend shared our contact information. For 6 years I have been texting pregnant women these words:

“It’s me, Nancy. Save me in your contacts as Nancy Pregnancy so you can find me.”

This new client said her friend has saved our number as Nancy Prego. So funny!

When googling Roe V Wade this morning, I opened a website that had the Majority Opinion for us to read. I’ve heard before that Roe V Wade is bad law, but wait to you read how stupid it is. Here’s the link:

The client referred to us by a previous client, Ann, is pregnant with baby number 6. We are going to take her out to lunch on Friday which also happens to be her birthday. She made two abortion appointments and didn’t show up for either one. Thank you God! Let us pray she doesn’t ever make appointment number three.

We are able to suffer outside at the state capital on Wednesday, January 22 and this brochure copied below has some other ideas for January.

The Wonders of the Holy Name of Jesus

(The Most Holy Name of Jesus Feast Day Jan. 3)

Reveals the simplest secret ever of holiness and happiness by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.)

The first sentence from Chapter 1: “We have been hearing and have been repeating from childhood the Holy Name of Jesus, but alas, many, very many, have no adequate idea of the great wonders of this Holy Name!”

<<Click here to read the entire reflection and prayer on The Wonders of the Holy Name of Jesus >>

Client Visit

by Nancy Kiolbasa

I have a few pictures to show from a client visit this morning. I made Sheri get her picture taken with me. Oh my!

Sheri picked up a check from us to help with the deposit on her new apartment. She is so happy she stayed pregnant.

We first met after she searched online for an abortion. She has a 7-month-old and was sleeping on a couch. It has taken a few months, but we have finally helped her find an apartment.

She shared this picture of her latest ultrasound. Her second daughter will be born in 3 months. Thank God she stayed pregnant!

She has 12 more weeks of living in her mother’s womb. Let’s pray for a safe delivery of the precious little girl.

Dominique – of all the buildings

Below is a link to the latest news article where the mayor of Minneapolis is quoted as saying, of all the buildings, this is the one that has to go up in flames on Christmas morning:

“These are real people that need a roof over their heads and that need help and of all the buildings in the entire city, this is the one that’s got to go up in flames right now,” he said at a news conference with the fire chief.

<<Click here to read the rest of the article.>>

We can’t help all 200 homeless people, but we can help this one pregnant woman that found our website last week.

The most deadly poison of our times is indifference. And this happens, although the praise of God should know no limits. Let us strive, therefore, to praise Him to the greatest extent of our powers.
– Saint Maximilian Kolbe

For me, I become indifferent when a task seems too overwhelming. But right now, we are not faced with an overwhelming task. Our new client texted last night that she needs black pants and a white shirt to wear to her restaurant job.

Dominique had faith to turn away from abortion. We must have faith the Holy Spirit will show us how to meet her needs. So far her need is simple.

I love what she said when we first met up.

“When I looked for abortion and found you guys offering to help, well I thought that was God telling me to not get an abortion.”

It wasn’t just our words telling her not to get an abortion that made a difference. It was also that we offered to help her.

Image result for you can't save everyone catholic quotes

Dominique has a place to stay until Saturday evening, provided by the Red Cross.

We can take one day at a time and meet her needs as they surface. I will keep you posted.

<<Click here to donate towards Dominique’s care.>>

The nation… doesn’t simply need what we have. It needs what we are. Edith Stein

Edith Stein’s quote helps us keep the right perspective. It is who we are and the love we bring to Dominique that will help her. That love will make a difference, and not simply what we have to give her.

It was only a few days ago that Dominique was searching online for abortion. Let us pray to the holy angels to surround her with their strength and protection so this fire does not weaken her resolve to stay pregnant.

Thank you for your support. God bless, Nancy 651 373-1205

First e-mail about Dominique with the subject line that she was drinking and ice skating:

Yesterday I picked up Dominique from a hotel in Minneapolis where homeless people stay. On our way to breakfast, she shared the story with me about needing a new hip. She was drinking and ice skating and kept falling.  A few days later, she couldn’t walk and eventually ended up getting a new hip.

She was looking for an abortion because she didn’t think her new hip could handle a pregnancy and she’s struggling with being homeless.

While waiting for our eggs to be served, we called the U of M and made an appointment with the OBGYN department that helps women facing complications from their pregnancy.

I asked her what made her decide to get off the abortion pathway.  She picks up her phone and shows me our ad that shows up when she types in abortion near me.  “I was searching for abortion and instead, I got you guys offering to help me.  I figured that was God’s way of saying I should stay pregnant.”  All Praise and Glory to God!

Feliticity’s Story

Here is a local story of God’s grace and mercy at work through Marriage Material ministry. Felicity searched for an abortion online a few weeks ago and found When she called our number, no amount of help from us seemed to be enough to get her off the abortion pathway.  However, as I like to say… the seeds of hope had been planted. A few days ago she went online again searching, only this time it was to FIND us! Felicity remembered our offer to help.  She called back late last week asking if we could help her so she didn’t have to get an abortion.  PRAISE BE TO GOD!

Her biggest prayer request right now is to find a job in customer service.  Let’s pray that Our Lady opens a door for Felicity.  Just like the Holy Spirit opened her heart to this new life growing within her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray and intercede for Felicity.  
Saint Juan Diego, pray and intercede for Felicity.
Saint John the Baptist, pray and intercede for Felicity.

With you in prayer,

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material

Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena – December 4 to December 12

Click here for the new Marriage Material novena to one of our patrons, Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I look forward to joining you in this powerful prayer starting today – Wednesday, December 4.

A novena (latin: novem, “nine”) is a nine day prayer sequence, most often in anticipation of a religious feast day.  It is an ancient form of devotional praying.  We will be asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe), the Holy Angels and our guardian angels during these nine days.  Our prayers conclude on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

With you in prayer,

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material

Joyful Anticipation (cont. from Jennifer’s e-mail)

At times I was so excited I could hardly wait to hold the child in my arms.  Other times I was so tired it was hard to imagine enduring the coming months, childbirth or parenting a newborn.  Overall, laying my life aside and giving up my body for nine months in exchange for a new joy in our home was a welcome reality.

I realize this joyful anticipation is not a reality for all expectant moms.  An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and even devastating.

Terry called Abortion Advice recently. She grew up in foster care.   She had lost her job.  She has been so sick during pregnancy that she lost 25 pounds and was hospitalized.  She despaired; calling at 20 weeks pregnant because she found out the father of the baby is now in jail.  After a phone conversation, Terry agreed to meet up for lunch.  

At lunch two Marriage Material volunteers stepped into her life like sisters.  They shared in her suffering, offered support and hope.  She is now off the abortion pathway.  Praise be to God!  

Stay tuned for a new Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe starting December 4th.  As Mary anticipated Jesus’ birth for nine months, we will pray the nine days prior to the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I will send an email with more details in early December.

Denise, Nancy & Terry

Father God, we praise and thank you for the gift of Terry.
We are grateful for her conversion of heart and willingness to give up her reality of life, for the sake of this child.  

Mary, mother of the unborn, you know the reality of an unexpected pregnancy.  
Hurrying off to your cousin Elizabeth for the support and love you needed.
As brothers and sisters in Christ,
we pray Terry sees the hope and light of Christ. 
May she anticipate the joy this new life will bring.  
May she experience true friendship, filial love and support during this time of preparation.  

As volunteers and prayer warriors, we are vessels of Christ’s light, love and mercy.  
We pray Christ’s light and love shine brighter than any circumstance or work of Mercy.


With you in prayer.

Jennifer Smith
Prayer Program Facilitator
Marriage Material Ministry

Prayer Program

Our apostolate is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. John the Baptist as our Patron Saints. St. John the Baptist died defending marriage. And abortion is a spiritual battle that will be won by Our Lady of Guadalupe and the holy angels.

Mission Statement:  We are a pro-life organization offering hope and support to women in the Twin Cities who are searching online for abortions. We save babies from abortion and then explore the possibility of marriage or adoption.

Fr. Matthew Hincks said that worldwide there has been 1.5 billion (that is billion with a “B”) babies who have been aborted since 1980. He said that evil at this level could not be orchestrated by man.

This is the work of the fallen angels. So, since the horror of abortion has its origin on a spiritual plane, the victory over abortion will also be won on a spiritual plane. Fr. Matthew Hincks preaches that Our Lady of Guadalupe and the holy angels will defeat abortion.

Click here to sign up for our Prayer Program – thank you!

Inspirational piece about our program, our facilitator

My name is Jennifer Smith.  I am the new prayer program “facilitator,” and this letter is simply to do three things. First, I want to share with you how I arrived at this role. The second is to share with you a little about who I am. Most importantly, I hope this letter is the starting point for you and me to build a lasting friendship through this important work.

About 2 years ago I was introduced to the work of Marriage Material by invitation to the annual fundraising banquet. Immediately I felt drawn to support the work.  As I prayed along with many other people involved with this mission, I was humbled by God’s love at work through Marriage Material. 

Marriage Material is going head-on with our culture through their pro-life outreach.  To pick up the phone and respond “abortion advice”, to meeting a stranger for lunch in hopes of changing their hearts/minds, to countless hours of sacrifice, giving and relationship building…all this takes a total reliance on God.  And it takes faith that He will provide!  God not only blesses those who call, but he also blesses those who answer the call and those who go out to respond to the face of Jesus in the needy.

Through my own prayer and financial support of Marriage Material my heart has been opened to love others more dearly, to appreciate my own children and see God in those who are different from me.  This ministry is truly making a difference!

In the hopes of further supporting this ministry, a few months ago I offered to help Nancy build the prayer program.  As you know, prayer is at the heart of the pro-life movement. In the coming weeks and months, you will see communications from me requesting prayers or providing updates.  As the prayer group grows, we will be united in prayer for:

  • God to open the hearts of individuals who call the Abortion Advice phone line
  • guidance as Marriage Material volunteers respond to the needs of individuals who call
  • the resources to meet the needs of those who call
  • an end to abortion

Now a little about me. Below you will find a photo of my family. This is my husband Dave and our four children Chloe (7), George (6), Alice (4) and Robert (10 months).  About two years ago, after a successful 16-year career in healthcare, God called me to be home to support my husband and family.  He also clearly called us to the Stillwater community through Ark of Angels Preschool, St. Croix Catholic School and St. Michael’s Catholic Church.  We have been blessed immensely by the opportunity to belong to this vibrant community.

I thank you for your attention in reading this letter, and I look forward to getting to know you more. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Prayer Program (or to receive a prayer candle – one of my personal favorite prayer accompaniments) you can email me at or call/text my cell phone at 651-271-1030.

Yours in Christ,